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Learn and practice Spanish/English from the comfort of your own home!

The real way!

Fun and efficiently.

I can be your own private Language coach.

No need to go to school, I come to YOU!

Over 10 YEARS of experience as a language coach.

 I developed my own language learning methods and strategies


I became a “polyglot”within 2 years

Fluent in: 

Spanish, English, French and Portuguese

Founder of Pilar Cazares Language Coaching

Rotary Exchange Program completed in Brazil

 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Theatre. 

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Public speaker

Expert on consecutive interpretation and bilateral interpreting

Professional actress and dancer

Member of ACTRA

(Alliance of Canadian Television and Radio Artists ) and UDA

(Union Des Artistes)


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My sessions

The following are unedited and genuine results from real users.

Pilar, the hour with you is something that I look forward to. I literally can’t wait for the next session as soon as one is over. Your energy is so positive and I love that as I feel like I bring that same energy. It also gives me a feeling of accomplishment because there hasn’t been one session that I haven’t felt like I can’t believe that I just learned that. You know how to get the most out of your clients. Just talking to you in general makes me very happy. 

But seriously, your sessions are one of the top highlights of my week.

Frederick Blanding- Served in the US Navy (Engineering) for 23 years. Currently Operations/Maintenance Manager at a Power Plant (Energy Center) in San Diego, California.

I found the amazing Pila and we sat in shops in the iconic Hollywood area; she gave me smooth, at-my-pace lessons. Improved my use of the language with each session. Gently corrected pronunciations. She listens, helps you along, and tailors session to your level and specific needs. Very professional. And fun. Was worth it. Might have to restart. Hace mucho tiempo estudio español. Voy a volver a estudiar cuando pueda. Pronto espero que. Y ahora puedo tomar clases por Skype o Zoom por las mañanas o por las noches. It’s great for personal growth. I have to keep my brain going. It opens you up to a new culture, novels, movies, and conversations with strangers. Also know that learning a second language is a great way to learn more about your native tongue and improve your vocabulary and phraseology. In most professions, those who rise to the top usually have the best vocabulary.

Stay yearning, stay learning, stay earning.

Eric Jerome Dickey

NYT Best-Selling Author

The Business of Lovers

Siempre tuve el sueño de poder aprender inglés. Después de 12 años saltando de una escuela a otra, me di cuenta que no avanzaba.  Decidí empezar una sesión con Pilar de ingles de 6 meses. Solo un par de semanas después con ella y siguiendo sus consejos, puedo decir que ya hablo ingles! he mejorado mucho más mi nivel estos 6 meses que en los últimos 12 años. Gracias a esto, ahora tengo un mejor trabajo en un club vacacional, en dónde el 80% del tiempo se necesita el inglés. Sin ella, esto no hubiera sido posible. Enormemente agradecido,

Gracias Pila!

Miranda GomezSales Manager at Secrets Resort.

“Pila is terrific!  Her teaching method is simple and very effective.  She is serious, kind and communicative. I have been practicing using different phone apps, Pila is up there and more effective than everything I have ever tried. She made the whole experience fun and memorable. She is worth the money and time.”

Raja S. Tannous Co-Founder & Laboratory Director

Pila is just the best coach I could have ever found! Her positive attitude is super contagious and she always has a smile on her face. She is also very kind and fun to learn from. She is very easy to understand in both, Spanish and English. She will be able to help you master conversational Spanish, all you need to do is give it time.

Ricardo Kirkegaard-VP of Sales, For G3 Tapes Inc.

I am a Doctor who has been working with Spanish speaking patients for over 30 years .I wanted more confidence in my comprehension of conversation and that's when I signed up with Pilar. After only ten sessions my comprehension has tripled and my confidence has increased significantly. This was exactly the jumpstart that I needed.

Thank you Pilar!

DR. Anthony Piana - Chiropractic

Pilar makes learning another language so fun and natural. I look forward to our sessions because she is a great coach who helps you in such a positive and encouraging way! She pushes you to continue learning without overwhelming you with too much and our sessions flow so smoothly. 

John Moreno, Social Worker and Health Coach

After trying way too many schools, teachers, apps, different techniques, etc, wiht no success. I found Pilar. I can happily say that she has helped me finally become fluent in Spanish within a year! I work with a lot of Spanish speaking people, and I now live in Colombia, and my life has dramatically improved because of her coaching, her professionalism and patience! Thank you Pila! 100% worth it!!!

Jessica Alda, Engineer

Pilar is the only coach ever to really have helped me become fluent in Spanish! Don't waste your time and money with someone else, like I did! No group classes will ever teach you what a private coach does. She's so fun! 100% recommended! Thanks Pila!!

Choi Ha Won Web designer


Single Session

One private 50-minute Language Coaching session.

Quick, personalized help on any topic

Spanish or English.

All of Your language learning questions, immediately answered.


Free email  and whatsapp support. 

Contact us for pricing


5 Session 


​5 private 50-minute

coaching sessions, for building foundational language skills​​.

Quick, personalized help on any topic

Spanish or English.

All of  your language learning questions, answered

Personalized feedback on all missions & tasks.

Free email  and whatsapp support. 

Contact us for pricing


10 Session V.I.P 


A full sequence of 10 private 50 minute customized private sessions for mastering your language skills.

Each session is tailored to your own needs.

Best and most effective way to improve your language skills!

Personalized help feedback on any topic

Spanish or English.

Customized feedback on all missions & tasks.

Free email  and whatsapp support. 

Contact us for pricing

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I always do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


Thanks for reaching out!

Hasta Pronto!


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